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Gay Surfer's Net:
" launched in February this year. In just 6 months we managed to gather more than 2150 members on the site! GaySurfers connects queer surfing culture!"

Surf Fitness Programme:
"Surfitness inc. was created for anyone that surfs and wants to be functionally fit. girls, guys, young and old, short or longboarder!"


Surfing Waves:  A light hearted look at the world of Surfing, Waves and related information. Includes beginners tips, equipment low-down, and surf vacations. Oh, and much more!


SurfINSIDE offers daily surf reports with pic's around San Diego, Surf Forecasts, San Diego surf log, Links to Camera's all over, Local surf shot's & activities, and a vast online surf directory & shop.

surfTalk: Surf Forum - Surf News - Surf Reports.... and a lot more...

surfer magazine

Boardfolio: Surfer's Directory